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Laser Hair Removal

Laser being used on patients leg to remove hai

How does it work?

At Lucas Laser Clinic, we use the latest medical grade Eneka PRO diode laser. This uses the optimum wavelength of light to deliver heat energy to the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. This selective heating of the follicle disables the hair permanently, and over the next 7–10 days post treatment, the hair will simply fall out, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free until the next phase of hair growth appears 6–8 weeks later.

Diagram showing how light exposition works

How many treatments are required?

With the new Eneka PRO laser, you will require fewer treatments than with older Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser treatments, as it can deliver higher energy to the follicle due to its innovative skin cooling technology. There are three stages of hair growth, and at any one time only 30% of the hairs are visible on the skin surface; the rest are in a dormant state.

The laser can only treat hairs that are in the growing phase or visible on the skin surface; as a result, multiple treatments are required to treat all hair in the skin.

Is it painful?

Due to its advanced integrated skin cooling system, the Eneka PRO minimises the pain and protects the skin, so the treatment is more comfortable and easily tolerated. We will customise treatment for each individual to ensure maximum results and comfort. Most other IPL or lasers offer a single mode, which can be quite painful and have a greater potential for side effects.



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Your treatment plan

Initially, we will provide a free consultation to explain the treatment in detail and assess your suitability. We will go over a comprehensive medical questionnaire with you and provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident about proceeding with treatment, including very clear costing and pre- and post-treatment instructions and advice. We would then perform a patch test to ensure no adverse reaction, and you could begin your first session two days later. A minimum of six sessions, six weeks apart, are required. Some people may require more maintenance treatments, but we can advise you during your consultation.

See our price list, contact us or call us on 07503 603079 to arrange your initial free consultation

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